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Brain Training for Baby Boomers

At our time of life, keeping up with collegues and family can be exhausting both emotionally and physically, especially if like most of us you are still in the peak of your career. With MIND360 Brain Training Games you can keep your memory sharper and mind active for longer. You have worked hard on your presentation and finally the day arrives when you are to deliver the same to a room full of delegates. You have carefully thought out the different aspects of your presentation and are fully prepared to deal with any possible questions that might come up. You start presenting when suddenly there is a momentary lapse of concentration and you find the whole thing falling like a pack of cards. Sometimes, the results might not be that fatal, but equally frustrating. This brings you to the realization that your memory is not what it used to be.


Brain Training for Professionals

We lose more than our muscle mass with age. Our brain function also begins to decline from the time we reach maturity onwards. This happens even if we have been living a normal, healthy, and happy life. We can prevent muscle loss with regular exercise.


Brain Training for Parents

Just became a parent? or do you already have grown up kids and understand the problem of depleted mental skills? Parenting is rewarding but can also leave you with a sense of detachment for every day life and life requirements. Long days can appear to roll from one to the next.


Brain Training for Kids

School and College life becomes tougher each year through a combination of education programs entry requirements and peer pressure to perform. Entry to the best colleges is a major source of stress and concern. Students in particular have been making the most of these memory games to enhance their cognitive abilities such as memory, attention to detail, logic & reasoning, visual perception, and executive functions.


Exercise your Brain

Your brain is one of the most important organs in your body, which controls and dictates the functioning of all other body parts. The brain cells or neurons process information and motivate us to act accordingly. Recent scientific evidences show that there is a need to keep these brain cells active, if we want them to work efficiently, even as we age. We need to use them to avoid losing them. There might be a connection between brain training sessions and online memory games on the one hand, and our cognitive abilities on the other.


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