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Brain Training for Baby Boomers

At our time of life, keeping up with collegues and family can be exhausting both emotionally and physically, especially if like most of us you are still in the peak of your career. With MIND360 Brain Training Games you can keep your memory sharper and mind active for longer. You have worked hard on your presentation and finally the day arrives when you are to deliver the same to a room full of delegates. You have carefully thought out the different aspects of your presentation and are fully prepared to deal with any possible questions that might come up. You start presenting when suddenly there is a momentary lapse of concentration and you find the whole thing falling like a pack of cards. Sometimes, the results might not be that fatal, but equally frustrating. This brings you to the realization that your memory is not what it used to be.

This is the time when you would realize the importance of brain training sessions aimed at enhancing your memory and other cognitive abilities.

According to latest research in this field, brain neurons or nerve cells require sufficient electrical and chemical stimuli without which they are programmed to self destruct.

These brain training sessions are proving to be particularly popular with baby boomers wanting to stretch their neurons and stay on top in their respective fields. Adults aged between 60 and 90 are turning to online brain training sessions and brain games to develop flexibility, memory, spatial recall, and problem solving skills.

Mind360 is committed to providing baby boomers the tools to enhance and maintain your mental fitness through our cutting-edge online brain and memory training platform. Our engaging and fun brain fitness games are designed to strengthen key cognitive functions including Memory, Attention, Executive Functions, Thinking and Reasoning, and Visual Perception. Register now today and start training your brain online.

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Enjoy enhanced memory, executive functions, reasoning and other key mental skills.

Benefits for Professionals

Kids and Young Adults

Boost ability to pay attention, concentrate, process and retain information.

Benefits for Kids


Improve concentration, organizational skills, time management and make faster decisions.

Benefits for Parents

Improve your brain performance

and live a better life

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