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School and College life becomes tougher each year through a combination of education programs entry requirements and peer pressure to perform. Entry to the best colleges is a major source of stress and concern. Students in particular have been making the most of these memory games to enhance their cognitive abilities such as memory, attention to detail, logic & reasoning, visual perception, and executive functions.

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As we grow, there is a natural decline in our cognitive skills. This process cannot be stopped in any way. We can however slow it down by staying mentally active. How does one stay mentally active? This is where the online memory games and brain teasers come in. One can try solving a brain teaser or a puzzle and provide the much needed exercise to the brain.

The way these brain games affect the thinking abilities of individuals is a subject of further research, you can read more in our ’Scientific Background area on this site. One thing is for sure, there are many scientifically proven brain games and training sessions which can enhance an individual’s cognitive skills and help him stay mentally alert.

Many young students have found that with regular practice of the online memory games, they can be more attentive in class and process more information quickly and accurately.

With school and college life getting tougher and more competitive with each passing day, students cannot be blamed for looking for answers in unconventional methods. On the contrary, the online memory games are fast becoming the norm for many young adults having this passion to stay on top. The entertaining and high quality graphics of many of these brain games bring in that much needed element of fun for the young aspirants.

Mind360 is committed to providing students the tools to enhance and maintain your mental fitness through our cutting-edge online brain and memory training platform. Our engaging and fun brain fitness games are designed to strengthen key cognitive functions including Memory, Attention, Executive Functions, Thinking and Reasoning, and Visual Perception.

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Benefits for Professionals

Baby Boomers

Achieve stronger mental and physical health, as well as better combat the effects of age-related decline including dementia.

Benefits for Baby Boomers


Improve concentration, organizational skills, time management and make faster decisions.

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