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Mind360 Studios LLC and their flagship product MIND360 is profoundly committed to enhancing and maintaining people’s mental fitness through a new cutting-edge online cognitive training platform. Our highly engaging brain training games are designed to help strengthen key cognitive functions including Memory, Attention, Executive Functions, Thinking and Reasoning, and Visual Perception etc., and all in enjoyable ways.

To accomplish this aim Mind360 has carefully teamed leading cognitive psychologists up with top-notch online game designers to create both fun and effective ways to boost and sustain users’ mental fitness. Through these unique cognitive training methods, aging baby boomers, seniors and students alike are all sure to enjoy the clear benefits resulting from Mind360’s original techniques.

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Through a highly innovative and comprehensive approach to cognitive training, Mind360’s scientifically developed Brain Training Programs are tailored to meet each user’s individual goals. To further help accomplish this task, a personal trainer is constantly on hand to provide both regular performance feedback plus ensure rapid and noticeable progress.

Studies have determined that - regardless of age - it is indeed possible to expand one’s mental and physical capacities through regular “brain training workouts.” With enhanced mental fitness comes greater self-esteem, more rewarding careers, social relationships, and overall higher quality of life.

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