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Mind360’s in-house staff comprises an impressive team of leading cognitive psychologists working alongside expert online game developers to create unique, innovative and well-rounded brain training activities. The result is an interactive online gaming environment combining intellectually stimulating, scientific-based cognitive training activities in both novel and pleasurable ways.

Chen Rosner Or-Bach

M.A in the cognitive sciences program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, she holds a B.S. in cognitive sciences and computer sciences. Chen brings extensive experience in training and optimizing cognitive performance: from training combat pilot in the simulator to teaching yoga to the mentally handicapped. Working with these two extremes, Chen formed the belief that the mind-brain potential of anyone can be expended given the right stimulation.

Ms. Rosner Or-Bach's favorite cognitive training game is...

Climb it Right!

Sarit Szpiro

M.A in the cognitive sciences from Tel Aviv University, and B.A in Mathematics and Cognitive Science from the Hebrew university of Jerusalem. Sarit experience and knowledge both in computer science as well as cognitive psychology help formulate the cognitive principles into computerized fun games. Sarit is now completing her PhD in cognitive psychology at NYU.

Ms. Szpiro's favorite cognitive training game is...

Fish's Last Wish

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