Logic & Reasoning
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Logic & Reasoning

Logic and Reasoning are the cognitive skills with which we reach sound conclusions in order to make decisions and solve our daily life problems. How we reach these conclusions is based on the information we receive through our various senses and process it. Although we constantly apply logic and reasoning, many times we’re not even consciously aware of our doing so. By receiving stimuli and applying logic to arrive at correct conclusions, we are performing the mental task of reasoning. However, unlike our instinctive decisions, meaning those made based on emotional responses, cognitive reasoning typically requires longer response times.

Logic and reasoning are closely linked and often work together in order to help us function properly. Without these two key cognitive components, conducting our lives rationally would indeed be very difficult. Logic and reasoning comprises various subcategories including concept formation, inductive, deductive, conditional, and probabilistic reasoning.

Concept Formation

Do you feel you have difficulty categorizing problems or objects into groups? Our environment constantly bombards us with complex stimuli comprising numerous varying features.

Concept formation is a crucial skill that helps us cope within such a dynamic environment. In short, concept formation enables us to identify an attribute shared by various stimuli, as well as organize and chunk (group) these stimuli under that common attribute.

Concept formation games are designed to challenge your ability to create different concepts within a short period of time. After training you will have improved your ability to create order in a changing environment by categorizing objects into different groups as required.

Inductive Reasoning

Having difficulties solving problems requiring reason and logic? Would you like to improve your ability to conceptualize problems and implement solutions in a variety of daily life situations?

Though inductive reasoning is sometimes erroneously considered to be un-trainable, certain training can in fact enhance these skills, and significantly. Training your analytical thinking helps you to improve your ability to infer general conclusions, draw predictions, and apply this reasoning under any number of circumstances.

Bistro Balance

Abstract Thinking And Problem Solving!

This game will help you tackle problems by training your concept formation skills.

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Inductive Reasoning

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