Visual Perception
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Visual Perception

Visual processing, or perceptual, disorders refer to a reduced ability to properly process information observed by the eye. These hindrances affect how the brain interprets and processes visual information. Signs of visual perceptual deficits include short attention span, delayed motor perceptual ability, high frustration levels, and more. Visual motor integration, that is, the ability to use visual cues to guide one’s movements, is a common area of difficulty. This area includes both fine motor and gross motor skills.

People with difficulty with visual motor integration often have difficulty orienting themselves in space, particularly in relation to other people and objects. These people are commonly referred to as ‘clumsy’ because they tend to bump into things, or place objects near table edges where they can easily fall off. Poor visual motor integration can interfere with virtually all aspects of a person’s life including social, professional, academic, and athletic.

Visual Perception Training

Because no two people share the same visual perception strengths or weaknesses, effective training requires methods tailored to each person’s individual needs. Successful training requires focusing on particular characteristics associated with visual perception, including:

  • Spatial Relation

      The capacity to accurately perceive objects in space in relation to other objects.
  • Visual Discrimination

      The ability to differentiate and identify objects based on their individual attributes such as size, shape, color, form, and position.
  • Visual Closure

      The ability to recognize or identify an object when the entire object cannot be seen.
  • Eye-Hand Coordination

      Do you often feel less efficient when playing ping pong, tennis or similar games? Perhaps your actions aren’t precise enough or suffer from incorrect timing at times?
      Various training games are designed to help you improve your hand-eye coordination. Improving this skill will enable you to better control delicate hand movements, strengthen your decision-making and coordinate these abilities in dynamic visual surroundings.

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