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Payments & Refunds
Can I get a refund?
Our Terms of Service (TOS) outline our Refund Policy. You can withdraw your contractual declaration in text form via email at the below provided address within a period of 24 hours- of payment. The period starts when you have received this instruction on your right to withdraw in text form, but not before the conclusion of the contract and not before we have fulfilled our informational obligations under the terms our TOS. It is sufficient to send the withdrawal within the time limit. The withdrawal must include your name and contact information and has to be addressed to:
MIND360 Subscription Cancellation
Email: cancellation@MIND360GAMES.com
I just paid - Where is my full access?
Log back in and you should have full access to the games. If a problem arises then send an email to support@mind360games.com and we will take care of it.
Will I be charged?
Your credit card will only be charged based upon the membership that you have purchased and only for the amount of time associated with that membership level. If you purchased 12-months then your card will be charged for a 12-month membership etc.
How much does it Cost?
Registration on Mind360 is free and allows access to play a limited number of the brain training games and full access to all of the free brain teasers.

In order to have full access to all of the brain training games with cognitive tracking and monitoring, you will need to have a premium membership.

We offer several membership plans options.

  • Monthly Membership: $6 per Month
  • 6 Month Membership: $5 per month
  • Annual Membership: $4.25 per month
  • 2 Year Membership: $3.99 per month
Accounts & Logging In
Can I have multiple accounts tied to the same email address?
Our system needs to tie your scoring to your email address so this is not possible.
How do I cancel or delete my account?
Send an email to cancellation@mind360games.com and we will delete your profile and send you a confirmation email.
How can I reset my password?
Go to your Training Room and reset your password on your profile page. If you have an issue send an email to support@mind360games.com and we will help you.
Technical Problems
A specific game won't load. What do I do?
Check your browser and reload the page.
Families & Groups
Can I add my family to my subscription?
At this time we do not have a family subscription. It is single use for a single sign on. However a Family Subscription is planned for release in the near future.
Account Preferences
How do I unsubscribe from emails?
At the bottom of every email is an Unsubscribe link that will take you to a web page that you can unsubscribe on. We do not spam and do not wish to have customers receiving unwanted email. You can also manage your subscription from your profile page.
Brain Training
Must I train everyday?
We recommend training at least 5-6 days a week to get the most benefits out of MIND360.
What’s the difference between regular brain games and brain ‘training’ games?
The difference lies within our psychologist creating the games you play on MIND360 versus just plain brain games. MIND360 games have been developed to assist in keeping a healthy and fit mind.
How can I tell if I’m improving?
Check your scoring. If your scores are improving then you are doing well.
At what age should I begin training my cognitive skills?
We believe that training should be a constant thing. However from about age 35 onward is optimal to start a cognitive program like MIND360 because we all start to forget things and to slow down. The MIND360 program will assist you in keeping your brain healthy and fit.
How long does it take to experience actual progress?
That all depends upon the individual and their training habits. Usually in 30-days or less though.
What exactly does MIND360 do for me?
Mind360 is profoundly committed to enhancing and maintaining people’s mental fitness through a new cutting-edge online cognitive training platform. Our highly engaging brain training games are designed to help strengthen key cognitive functions including Memory, Attention, Executive Functions, Thinking and Reasoning, and Visual Perception etc., and all in enjoyable ways.

To accomplish this aim Mind360 has carefully teamed leading cognitive psychologists up with top-notch online game designers to create both fun and effective ways to boost and sustain users’ mental health. Through these unique cognitive training methods, aging baby boomers, seniors and students alike are all sure to enjoy the clear benefits resulting from Mind360’s original techniques.

What does scientifically developed mean?
Through a highly innovative and comprehensive approach to cognitive training, Mind360’s scientifically developed Brain Training Programs are tailored to meet each user’s individual goals. To further help accomplish this task, a personal trainer is constantly on hand to provide both regular performance feedback plus ensure rapid and noticeable progress.

Studies have determined that - regardless of age - it is indeed possible to expand one’s mental and physical capacities through regular “brain training workouts.” With enhanced mental fitness comes greater self-esteem, more rewarding careers, social relationships, and overall higher quality of life.

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