15 Best Cross-Platform Games to Play in 2021

Cross-platform games are games that one can play online using various gaming systems. For example, if you use Xbox while one of your friends uses PS4, these two are completely different platforms. If an online game can be played on both these platforms and you and your friend can play together, then such a game is known as cross-platform. 

Cross-platform Games

This is still under beta processing, and there are very few games in the market that supports all the platforms. Currently, there are only 3 games in the market that support all the platforms, but many of them support multiple platforms. 

List Of Some Of The Best Cross-Platform Games in 2021

Here is the list of some cross-platform games:

1. Fortnite

This one is a gaming sensation and is considered the best of cross-platform games. The game is groundbreaking regardless of culture, memes, and merchandise. This is a competitive battle royale game that is addictive and helps the players kill other players and make forts. This is gaining reputation every minute, and more and more multiplayer modes are being worked on and getting released frequently. 


Fortnite is supported on the platforms – Mobile, PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. 

2. Minecraft

Although this is not yet available for all the platforms, it still is getting very famous. It is a cube-based making an iconic game in the market for more than 10 years. It is enjoyable to make buildings here, and with friends it is great. With friends after making buildings, you can exhibit your creativity, help them mine caverns, blow up their buildings or houses, and mess with them for hours nonstop. Running back from home after fighting the nighttime monsters is the most fun. 


Minecraft is supported on the platforms – Mobile, PC, Switch, and Xbox One.

3. Rocket League

If you are a fan of soccer or remote control car racing games, this is the game for you. This was launched in 2013 and is a very addictive, aggressive, and fast game very popular since its release. It has an emphasis on eSports and has customizable multiplayer game modes.

Rocket League

Rocket League is supported on the platforms – PS4, PC, Switch, and Xbox One.

4. Ark: Survival Evolved

If you are more into dinosaurs games, this one is the best option for you. Surviving amongst the dinosaurs and amazing graphics of the jungle will keep you entertained at all times. You can play this in multiplayer. You and other players will be dropped on an island where you have to survive amongst the dinosaurs. Here, you can help your friends survive and grief for them as well. Although it is not available on many platforms to date, it is still expected to grow in the future.

Ark-Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is supported on the platforms – Xbox One and PC.

5. Chess Ultra

What can be a better brain teaser than chess? What can be a better classic than chess that sharpens your mind and keeps you entertained as well? This game forces the users to play long and competitively with deep thinking. In case you are a chess fan, there is no other better alternative to this game, and if you want to try it for the first time, you will love fighting with the players here. Since it is available on most platforms, you get a wide range of players.

Chess Ultra

Chess Ultra is supported on the platforms – PS4, PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PC. 

6. Dauntless

It is designed by epic games and is a roleplaying action game. It has a really nice aesthetic and is entirely free to play. It is very addictive and is compared with the famous non-cross platform game Monster Hunter franchise released by Capcom. In this game, you become the slayer, and you have to defeat the Behemoths or the beasts. To construct powerful gears and one additional hardcore foe, the player will have to use the substances taken from the slaying monsters like the Monster Hunt.


Dauntless is supported on the platforms – PS4, PC, Switch, and Xbox One. 

7. Trailblazers

This one is plain fun. This is a racing game you will love. As the ship moves ahead, it leaves trails of paints. This game will make you so addicted that you will play it again and again and again. By painting tracks, you will get bonuses to compare with your friends. It takes you to a completely different, vibrant, wacky, and wild, fascinating world and has really great gameplay.


Trailblazers are supported on the platforms – PS4, PC, Switch, and Xbox One.

8. Guns of Icarus Online

This game is very great for teamwork with friends. Mostly based on the steampunk genre, you and your friends can handle different airship parts. You have several choices like Squid, Junker, Galleon, and many more. Each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. You also get to choose between an engineer, pilot, or a gunner for decent gameplay.

Guns of Icarus Online 

Guns of Icarus Online is supported on PS4, Linux, OS X, and Windows.

9. Sea of Thieves

Here, in this game, you will get a chance to become a pirate. It has a cartoon-like style from the Monkey island, channeling the whimsical. Your goal in this game is to be pirates with your friends and loot the other pirates by fighting them and gain a reputation amongst the sea.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is supported on the platforms – Xbox One and PC. 

10. War Thunder

If you are interested in war games, no game can be better than this one. Here you will experience vehicular components, combats, and much more along with your friends. It is entirely free to play, and the players are given several vehicles mostly found during World War II. You can either fight the enemy in reality or arcade mode. Beginners can choose the arcade mode, while those looking for some tough fight must choose the realistic mode because it has some really cool features.

War Thunder

War Thunder is supported on the platforms – Xbox One, PS4, Linux, macOS, and Windows. 

11. Tooth and Tail

Pocketwatch games create this. This is quite different from the others. In this game, you will be put up as freedom fighters. You will see genetically enhanced mice fighting for different resources and political ideologies, using quick art style and armies on display. Similar to other games, the ultimate aim is to defeat the enemy and gather as many resources as you can. 

Tooth and Tail

Tooth and Tail are supported on the platforms – PS4, Linux, macOS, and Windows. 

12. Hearthstone

This one is a very addictive card game. It is entirely free and made by Blizzard. You will be given 30 cards, and you have to dominate the game with superior cards. This game is so famous that just by micro sanctions, Blizzard is constantly getting $ 40 Million per month approximately. The shocking part is, it was developed by a smaller, lesser-known team of Blizzard. 


Hearthstone is supported on the platforms – Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. 

13. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

This is a top-rated card game series. This creates an entire fascinating world of cards for you. It has a great style and vibe as well. You can also use its single-player standalone version called ‘Thronebreaker.’ This is a very addictive and wildly popular game you should not miss.

Gwent-The Witcher Card Game

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is supported on the platforms – Xbox One, PS4, and Windows.

14. Eve: Valkyrie

This one creates a completely different universe called EVE. This one features exhilarating space combat, which has a dogfighting simulator known as Valkyrie. It was first developed for VR technology. And Oculus Rift. You can play this in both multi as well as a single player. Shooting enemies from the sky is part of the game. You will find a lot of fascinating and new stuff in this game. 


Eve: Valkyrie is supported on the platforms – PS4 and PC.

15. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

When the creators made this game for the first time, this went badly wrong. This is the updated and corrected version, and this one is fabulous. Here you can experience great quests, points, and many more. If you already are a fan of this franchise, you must definitely try this one because it is one of their masterpieces. The developers made every new update had some new cool added features that were highly loved by their fans. The plot of this game is constructed so that players literally feel like they are living it. 

Final Fantasy XIV-A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is supported on the platforms – OS X, PC, PS4, and PS3.

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Cross-platform games are fun to play with as you can play them with your friends living distant apart from you. Since there are so many different platforms in the market, it is doubtful that you and all your friends use the same platform. In such cases, you can help these cross-platform games. 

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