Best House Party Games to Play 2021

The Best House Party games list is a must during the global lockdown. House party is a fun video calling app that is available on iOS and Android devices. As everyone is now at home, we are looking for new ways to connect. House Party will provide a unique communication platform to our readers. The app has many memorable games, and the potential for entertainment is enormous.

In this article, we will cover some of our top picks for your gaming needs. Get on a video call after reading this and connect with your friends straight away.

List of Best House Party Games:

We all love to have some super and organized fun. Video calls can be fun distractions for people who are self-isolating. Here are some of the most fantastic video call games that you can try out today. Pick one and start enjoying yourself over the application. 

1. Heads Up

Those of you who are familiar with the Ellen show might have already heard of this app. It is a great game to play with your friends. The fun and the hilarious game is best with a group of friends. The House Party has an inbuilt adaptation of the game for users. There are multiple different game modes for you to try here. Find the subcategory which suits you the most. Some popular ones that people are trying these days are acting it out or superstars. As the gamer, you have to guess the word which shows up on your card. The other people on the video card will describe the name to you. If you correctly guess the story, the card moves on to the next person. The team or individual who scores the most points automatically wins the game. The competitive gameplay style is loved by many. 

2. Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity are the real crowd-pleaser for so many users. It is the classic let’s get drunk together game. The game is naughty, wild, and sometimes absolutely dark. The card game is best explorable with a bunch of edgy friends. Every participant gets ten white cards that come with a unique question on the site. You need to draw a black card from the deck to get the answer. One person needs to choose a black card for everyone. Read the answer aloud, and the one who receives the most laughter is the winner. The rules are quite simple, and the stage is ready for you. Playing a card game can be a little challenging over house parties. All of you need to have a deck lying around at home. There are a few virtual sites that can help with your experience.

3. Pictionary

Pictionary is a fantastic game to play online with a house party. Many people enjoy the simple yet effective style of gameplay. It is quite popular among users who want drawing. In this game, you will have to draw something, and the other people will guess. Everyone can write down random suggestions with themselves. The person or team which can get the most guesses can win. It is essential to have a time limit to keep things fair for everyone. Pictionary is an old school game, but the house party has perfected it for virtual settings. Through the platform, you can easily communicate things without having to worry. We recommend that you give it a try yourself.

4. Chips and Guac

House party has an internal game mode called chips and guac, which makes for quite the online experience. You will have a fun, exciting, and hilarious experience while trying this one out. The goal is to deal with a descriptor card by one person in the game. Your card could say anything, depending on your descriptor once you have seen the card put your card down, which matches the descriptor card the best. In a way, it is a more toned-down version of cards against humanity for people. A judge will choose which response was the funniest to get the winner. You can also come to a common consensus amongst yourselves.

5. Quick Draw

The quick draw is the online version of the Pictionary game offered to users. Houseparty has an inbuilt game for you to try your drawing skills. It can, however, be a little challenging to find the working drawings. You can see who is the best person to draw in this game. Once you start the game mode, each person gets the chance to draw. Other players in the game have to guess what the person is trying to attract. The person receives a prompt on the top of their phone screens. You can start drawing as soon as the timer starts ticking. It makes for many fun online experiences when you are over a video call. 

6. Trivia – General Knowledge

Trivia is an in-app game available for all house party users. There are various game modes available in this version. If you love to have a healthy debate over general topics, then this is perfect for you. Check your general knowledge skills and that of your friends. It is the most fantastic game for people who enjoy learning more every day. The winner of the match gets bragging rights.

The HouseParty app comes with 18 different decks in the trivia game. General knowledge is the most commonly used one among online users. We recommend you try this out at least once.

7. Finish the song lyrics

Are you a music enthusiast? People who love to listen to a lot of content will get the most fantastic experience with this game mode. It is crucial for those who enjoy songs. You can check if you know the lyrics to any music with your friends. The deck is available under the trivia game of Houseparty. It is also available for absolutely free on the platform. The game is most suitable for the group of friends who are into different music genres. The music lover will end up beating all of you in a massive match.


The best house party games happen randomly and on a whim. In this guide, we covered a few games that you can try while on the platform. There is room for improvement and trying out new possibilities. We recommend that you play these with a bunch of friends together. Relax, unwind, and take a break from the chaos.

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