Chrome Dinosaur Game – How to Play? (Step-By-Step)

Everyone is well-aware of the Chrome Dinosaur game as it appears on the screen if your device gets disconnected from the internet connection or the connection is weak. The main purpose of this game is to pass the time of the person until the connection is restored. 

Chrome Dinasour Game

However, the game grew to people’s liking, and now they want to play the game whenever they like, not just when the internet connection is down. So, this article has brought you a thorough guide to do so, along with some additional information regarding the game, which is important.   

About Chrome Dinosaur Game

There is not a lot of mystery behind the game, and it appeared in 2014 on the Chrome Browser when the internet connection of the people was down. 

Firstly, it seemed like a cute dinosaur icon, notifying you that your connection is down, but when you accidentally clicked on the spacebar, the dinosaur started moving. This is how most of the people discovered the game. However, it is a bit addictive as once you start playing it, you do not want to stop. 

Moreover, Google keeps the thrill alive of the game as they add surprising elements to it from time to time. The gameplay is pretty simple as you need to avoid and duck from the obstacles in the way. Once you click on the spacebar, the dinosaur starts running, and then you will need to press the spacebar key or the up arrow key for the jump. 

Similarly, you will require to press the down arrow key to duck from the obstacles. Furthermore, the complexity of the game increases with an increase in your points as it starts to get faster.   

How To Play Chrome Dinosaur Game 

Playing the Chrome Dinosaur game is certainly the easiest thing, but playing it on different devices such as PC or android might be a bit tricky for you. Let’s discuss how to play this game on different devices. 


Chrome Dinosaur Game PC

Simply disconnect the device from your internet connection and the game will automatically appear on the screen. However, if it does not appear, then reload the webpage. To start the game, press the spacebar key, and when the dinosaur starts running, it’s when the game has already started. To jump and duck, use the arrow keys.


If you are looking to play the game on your Android mobile, then open the Chrome Browser on your phone. Once you have launched the browser, turn off the mobile data or disconnect your phone from the wifi network. The phone version is slightly different as you will not require to duck, but the speed of the game is remarkably slower than that of the PC Chrome Browser version.  


The process of playing the Chrome Dinosaur game on iOS is similar to the android one. However, make sure that you have the Chrome Browser installed as the game will not work on any other browser. 

Is There an App Or Other Option To Play The Game?

Yes, it’s good news for the people who love this game as now they can download the app version of the game and play it whenever they like. The app version doesn’t take much space, and it has a smoother interface. If you’re still confused about the process of downloading the game, you can follow the steps given below:

1. The game is available on the Google Play Store, so launch it on your mobile.

2. Now, type Chrome Dinosaur game or Dino T-Rex on the search box.

Dino T-Rex On Android

3. The game will appear on the screen for you to install, click on the install option. 

4. Once it is installed, click on the Open option, the game will directly play on your device, without any heads-up.  

Additional tips and tricks to play the game

Hacking the Chrome Dinosaur game is pretty easy and if you want to implement some hacks, then keep on reading as the following are some cheat codes to make your dinosaur immortal and much more.

However, before typing the codes, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Once the game is started, right-click on your mouse.
  • Select the Inspect from the list.

Click On Inspect Button

  • This will open the Chrome DevTools. Now, you will see four tabs on top of it: Elements, Console, Sources, and Network. 
  • Click on the Console tab; after it opens, the blank space is where you will write the cheat codes mentioned below.

Click On Console

Make your Dinosaur Immortal

You can simply make your dinosaur immortal by altering the game over functions of the game, type var original=Runner.prototype.gameOver, and press enter. 

Now you will be required to empty the game over function so that your dinosaur will not die. In order to do so, type Runner.prototype.gameOver=Function(){}. Press the enter key after typing this command. Your dinosaur will become successfully immortal.

Stop the Game

Once your dinosaur becomes immortal, the game will not stop, so in order to make it stop, you will need to type the following command:

Runner.prototype.gameOver=Original. After typing the command, press the enter key. 

Alter the Speed

You can alter the speed by typing the command below, and in the place of 500, you can write any number, for example, 1000 or 2000. This will determine the pace of your game.

Type Runner.instance_.setSpeed(500) 

Control the Dinosaur Jump

Later in the game, the dinosaur starts to jump a little too high, which is not needed. So if you want to alter the jump, then type the following command. You can change the value of 5 written in the brackets according to your desired range of the jump. 

Type Runner.instance_.tRex.setJumpVelocity(5). Don’t forget to press the enter key to implement the command.

Set Your Own Score

The regular players of the game already know that the level of the game changes according to the scores you have earned while playing the game. So, if you can’t wait to go to a certain level, you can use the command below to skip to your desired level. Let’s set the score to 11111. However, you can type any score which you wish instead of 11111 but keep in mind that the score should be less than 99999. 

Type Runner.instance_.distanceRan=11111/Runner.instance_.distanceMeter.config.COEFFICIENT. After typing this command press the enter key and your desired score will be set.

So, now you know all the hacks and tricks of the game, implement them while playing it and make your experience more exciting!

What Do You Need To Play This Game?

To play the game, you will need some essential tools, and if you don’t have these tools, then you won’t be able to play the game. So, check your tools by looking at the list given below:

  • Google Chrome Browser-  The game is developed by Google and specifically for the users who use Chrome Browser. Sadly, you won’t be able to play this game on any other browser as it is compatible with the Chrome Browser only. 
  • Working Keyboard- Your keyboard must be in working condition as the game is all about the spacebar key, up arrow key, and down arrow key. The dinosaur runs automatically, but in order to jump and duck, you will require a keyboard as the mouse simply can’t do the job. 
  • Internet Connection- If you want to play the game while being connected with the internet, then you will require to visit chrome://dino/. From here, you can play the game while being connected to the internet.
  • No, Internet Connection- Once you disconnect the internet, the game will automatically appear on the screen. Thus you can play it while being disconnected from the internet connection. 

Additionally, the last two mentioned points supplement each other, as you can play the game with or without the internet connection as per your choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any End To Dinosaur Game?

Yes, the game ends once you reach the total score of 99,999, which is also referred to as the 17 million years of playtime. So, it is safe to assume that once the timeline of 17 million years is completed, the game will end. 

Is there any reason to play the Dinosaur Game?

No, there is no mandatory reason to play the game as it is designed for mere entertainment. You can play this game to pass your time if you feel bored and the internet connection is down. 

What Is a Mini-Game?

A mini-game is a short game or a game that does not have many functions and tools. Dino T-rex is a mini-game.

Are There more Games like Chrome Dinosaur?

Yes, there are several games that have the same interface or feel as the Chrome Dinosaur game. Some of the games are:

  • Pac-Man
  • Dino Run
  • Breakout
  • Flappy Bird
  • Subway Surfers

Can You Play The Game Without Disconnecting The Internet?

Yes, if you are working and can’t disconnect the internet or you simply don’t want to disconnect to the internet. You can visit chrome://dino/ on your chrome, and the game will start to play even if you are connected to the internet.   

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This article provided you with some exciting pieces of information on the most popular game, the Chrome Dinosaur. By now, you must have learned about playing this game online or offline. Moreover, to make things more interesting, this article also presented you with some tricks and hack to make the game more interesting.  

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