Tetris Unblocked Game – How to Play & Download?

Tetris-the tile-matching video puzzle game was created back in 1984. It was designed as well as programmed by a Software engineer of Soviet Russia. It’s been almost 40 years since the worldwide creation of such a popular mathematical game, yet it continues to surprise the new age gamers. Playing this math puzzle game is an effective way to pass your time in offices, classrooms, and even in bedrooms which you would love to enjoy.  

How to Play Tetris Unblocked Game?

Tetris has simple gameplay, but it needs a sufficient grip to get hold of the strategy of the play. The primary gameplay of Tetris constitutes a playfield in which various geometric forms called tetrominoes descend from the top. You have to literally move those tetrominoes pieces and rotate them until they touch at the bottom of the playfield or land over a previously placed geometric piece. You cannot slow down the pace of those falling pieces, you can only accelerate them in various versions.

Tetris Game

You might be wondering, what’s the objective of the game? Well, the game enables you to create horizontal lines of blocks as much as possible. The line which is completed gets disappeared and the consequent blocks placed above the line fall down by one rank. On completion of each line, you earn points, and accumulation of certain points moves you higher to the next level. With every passing level, the difficulty rises by the increase in the speed of the falling pieces, giving you less time to decide about the placement. You can form a Tetris by completing a maximum of four horizontal lines simultaneously and earn bonus points!

How to Get Tetris Unblocked Game?

Tetris Game Score

Being the best-selling game of all time, the popularity of Tetris has become stronger over the years. It is quite unfortunate that at certain schools or offices, Tetris might be restricted from accessing WiFi networks. You can easily unblock the game by following some simple steps, no matter where you are at that particular time. Just go to the app store and download the Hotspot Shield VPN app on your desktop or mobile. You need to open the app and click on “Connect”. Your internet connection gets encrypted and you are now free to excel in the game with your sharp mind filled with instant strategies. Once your network is encrypted, head on to the Tetris game, you will find that all the previous restrictions are gone.

Best versions of Tetris to play:

Best version Tetris Game

  • Tetris version has been made available for android and iOS devices. You can download the game app from the Google Play Store or iOS app store. It is available for free, you just need to get online.
  • If you are a Nintendo Switch user, then Tetris 99 is the best competitive offline gameplay for you.
  • Tetris Effect is compatible with WINDOWS and PlayStation4 consoles.
  • Jstris is another online multiplayer version of Tetris.

Best Site to play Tetris Online

Undoubtedly, Tetris.com is the best site to play the game from your popular web browser. It is the official online version of this game. The links to some of the popular sites for Tetris are mentioned below.

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The modern version of the age-old game gives you the pleasure to enjoy the game with your desktop keyboards just at the press of the arrow keys. This game enhances your intelligence and thinking ability. So indulge yourself in the game and develop your strategic skills.

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